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Mixed methods research: Theory and practice

March 7th – 10th 2017 Lecturers: Professor Manfred Max Bergman (University of Basel), Morten Frederiksen (AAU, Coordinator) Place: AAU, 7.-8. March Kroghstræde 7, rum 63. AAU 9.-10. March Kroghstræde 5, rum 43/45 City: 9220 Aalborg Øst ECTS: 3 ECTS for participation + 2 ECTS with paper presentation

Mixed methods research is increasingly gaining researchers’ attention within the social sciences, the humanities, and health research – and for good reasons. Employing multiple methods within a single research project may increase the scope or improve the quality of knowledge gained, increase the validity of findings, secure the optimal research design, augment the explorative process and a number of other kinds of ‘added value’ of mixed methods research.

However, in embarking on a mixed methods study the researcher is also confronted with a number of obstacles and challenges besides those known from single method research. How should one combine or integrate data in analysis and interpretation? Which design will combine methods in a way that best fits the research interest? How can one bring epistemology, theory and empirical research together in a mixed methods study?

The purpose of this PhD course is to help the PhD student to answer some of these questions and help to develop a mixed methods approach suited for the specific research project at hand. The course introduces the PhD students to different approaches to mixed methods research (MMR) within the social sciences. The participants become familiar with the dominant approaches to MMR and are introduced to different ways of addressing issues of epistemology, design, integration and interpretation when doing MMR. The course aims to enable the participants to plan and conduct high quality MMR comparable to the state of the art. This course addresses both mixed methods research combining qualitative and quantitative methods and mixed methods research employing other methods combinations.

The course deals with several important issues in contemporary mixed methods research. First, the course deals with the history and development of the mixed methods approach and the more recent social scientific controversies about MMR. Secondly, the course investigates several cases of substantive research (past and current). Thirdly, the course outlines the predominant approaches to MMR and the associated epistemological and methodological considerations. Fourthly, the course surveys the current state of the art on MMR design and integration. Fifthly, the course addresses the issue of interpretation in MMR and the quality criteria potentially salient to MMR.  Finally, participant presentations become pivotal in discussing methodology and design and in developing the participants own research.

Format: The course consists of lectures on general theoretical and methodological issues in MMR and lectures reviewing and discussing substantive research. Invited speakers will present their mixed methods research and engage with the participants in discussing mixed methods methodology. Participants are encouraged to present papers for commenting from both participants and lecturers.

Course participation fee: 3.800,- DKK for non-AAU participants. All participants will pay 700,- DKK to cover coffee and lunch. The participants will have to arrange accommodation themselves. A dinner for the course participants will take place on the 8th. with an additional cost of 450,- DKK.

Literature: Tba.


Registration deadline: 10th of February 2017 to Anne Brauner Mikkelsen abm@socsci.aau.dk

Paper submission: Please submit your paper to Morten Frederiksen (mfr@socsci.aau.dk ) by 17th of February 2017.

NB: Only 24 PhD students can participate in this course – 8 slots are reserved for applicants presenting papers.

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