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MIX International online seminar series – Care and conflict in the school lives of children and adolescents with migrant backgrounds in Denmark

MIX International online seminar series – Care and conflict in the school lives of children and adolescents with migrant backgrounds in Denmark

In this seminar, Anne Sofie Børsch and Kathrine Vitus will present two different and independent studies following practices among school children with migrant backgrounds.


30.03.2023 kl. 14.00 - 15.30


Anne Sofie Børsch’s study explores everyday caring practices among newly arrived refugee and immigrant adolescents (ages 13 to 18) in two classrooms located in different parts of Denmark. With inspiration from the concepts of caringscapes and carescapes, the analysis elucidates how adolescents form significant caring practices and co-produce school spaces that foster collective well-being. Furthermore, the study highlights how the adolescents' agentic capabilities to care are temporally and spatially bounded.

Kathrine Vitus’ study explores the dynamics around conflict among children ages 5-9 in two schools located in different districts in terms of socio-economic resources and ethnic composition. Drawing on micro-sociological concepts of interaction rituals and violence and the Bourdieu-inspired concept of emotional capital, the analysis illuminates the interaction dynamics among the children leading to either an escalation or a de-escalation of violence; and the role played by teachers in these dynamics.  

Through empirical examples from ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the two studies, both presentations will focus on how theoretical concepts usually applied to understanding the social lives of adults, in each study are developed to illuminate children’s and young people's practices and social lives. Moreover, the presentations reflexively discuss how different institutional contexts and school settings enable and facilitate various caring practices and conflict dynamics among children and adolescents.

About participants:

Kathrine Vitus is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social work at Aalborg University and the MIX steering committee Chair.

Anne Sofie Børsch is a postdoc at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, where she is affiliated with the Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health and MIX team member working on a project application.

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MIX - Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration, Department of Politics and Society & Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University


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