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Evaluation concludes: An engaged and productive department. Department of Sociology and Social Work has had their research evaluated, and the results are in.

Evaluation concludes: An engaged and productive department

Department of Sociology and Social Work has had their research evaluated, and the results are in.

Lagt online: 22.06.2020

By Niels Krogh Søndergaard, communication officer, Department of Sociology and Social Work. Photo: AAU

This Tuesday an international evaluation panel presented their results to the Department of Sociology and Social Work. The evaluation is a self-evaluation in the sense that it is initiated by the department.  

- The panel is impressed by the engagement, expertise and productivity of the staff at the department, Professor Thomas Johansson of The University of Gothenburg, stated. 

- All research groups share a commitment to making practical and positive differences in the lives of vulnerable people. We commend the research groups for their strong engagement with government, municipalities, service agencies and service user groups. 

A report to guide us 

Through interviews with nine research groups the international evaluation panel has gained a nuanced, rich and sometimes also complex picture of everyday life at the department of sociology and social work. 

The departments hope is that the recommendations in the report can guide us in the future. 

During the evaluation period there is a successive and considerable increase in the overall BFI points, the panel notes. There is a tendency to promote international publication strategies, and the evaluation panel hopes this strategy will lead to more international articles.  

Collaborate on themes 

Professor Karen Healey from The University of Queensland had both praise and recommendations for the researchers. 

- The School of Sociology and Social Work at Aalborg conducts an impressive range of research projects.  While the research groups focus on different areas of social science, social policy and social work, there appear to be common areas that the groups may consider collaborating on for the future.  

- These include the themes around AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning and the implications for social service systems and social work especially in regard to recognition of citizens' rights and relationship based social work.  

Report to be finally edited 

Globalization and migration were also recommended as possible common themes for the research groups to cooperate more on, as they work with citizenship, social inclusion, and relationship based social work practices. 

The panels evaluation report will be distributed to the staff of the department after the final edits. 

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